Links Vol. 1

Texas taxpayers are subsiding businesses to the tune of $19.1 billion per year. Has the competetition between states and cities to attract business become harmful? Via New York Times

Does your resume/LinkedIn profile contain one of the ten most-used buzzwords? Via Wall Street Journal

SAPD asks for DWI checkpoints. Do they violate the 4th Amendment? Via San Antonio Express

Marijuana legalizations measures cause a federalism crisis. Is the federal government merely attempting to exert power for power’s sake? Via Washington Post

Proposed Texas bill would require cops to tape interrogations. Would this prevent conviction reversals? Via Texas Tribune

Is American’s education system bad enough that business should be concerned? Via HBR

Voting Rights Act may be doomed at the Supreme Court. Is it still necessary? Via The New Yorker

What is affirmative action’s purpose? Via The Atlantic

There is growing concern that universities, by promoting political correctness, are stifling free speech. Is this concern valid? Via Time

There are reports that Obama’s 29-yer-old speechwriter is considering leaving. Is he nuts? Here is a GQ Britain profile:

Suburban GOP Voters Defect on Gay Marriage. Have we reached a tipping point? Via Cato@Liberty

Podcast discussing price gouging statutes. Do they protect, or harm, the public? Via EconTalk

Senator DeMint Resigns to head Heritage Foundation. Was a 2016 bid the Motivation? Via Politico

DC Circuit Court Denies Rehearing on Graphic Cigarette Warnings. Do they violate the First Amendment? via Bloomberg

Tim Duncan addresses controversial photo. Since when did the Spurs become the bad boys? Via San Antonio Express

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