Links Vol. 2

Last week I wrote about China and graphic cigarette warning labels.

North America might become energy independent. Will this accelerate climate change? Via Fuel Fix

Do you sell things for a living? Probably. Via Dan Pink

Does the use of drones help or hurt U.S. counter-terrorism policy? A primer via the Council on Foreign Relations.

Thomas Edison once electrocuted an elephant to convince the public that his DC current was safer than Tesla’s AC current. Edison’s DC current may be on the rise again, as new technology has emerged that could aid international green energy efforts. Via National Geographic.

City of San Antonio is aiming for 60% recycling by 2025. How important is recycling to you? Do you live green? Via San Antonio Express

A millennial recounts his call to public service. Do we view public service cynically due to general distrust of our institutions? Via Rivard Report

Science explores changing attitudes about gifts. How do you feel about regifting? Via Wall Street Journal

A majority prefer male marriage proposals over female marriage proposals. Is this indicative of cultural sexism? Via Slate

President Obama is out campaigning for his position in the fiscal cliff negotiations. Is this the beginning of grassroots governing? Via The Atlantic

Intelligence community believes U.S. will no longer be the only world superpower in 2030. Is that already true? Via Politico.

Concierge medicine goes lower-end. Is this the future of medicine? Via Bloomberg

Is the TSA an annoyance or evidence that terrorists are winning because of U.S. overreaction? Via LinkedIn

San Antonio has a fledgling marijuana legalization organization. The question is when, not if, Texas will decriminalize pot. Via San Antonio Express

On that note, do we have a cultural inclination towards over criminalization? Via Heritage

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