Councilman Nirenberg Calls for Year-Round Stage 1 Water Use

Councilman Nirenberg called for year-round Stage 1 water use yesterday. From the press release:

On Tuesday, Councilman Nirenberg filed a memo calling for the establishment of Stage 1 water use year-round under normal conditions. Stage 1 water rules limit the use of irrigation or sprinkler systems to once per week and currently trigger when the 10-day rolling average of the Edwards Aquifer level drops to 660 feet mean sea level at the J-17 Bexar index well. 

“The cheapest, most available water is the water we do not use,” said District 8 Councilman Ron Nirenberg. sprinkler-head-blackburnsprinklers“As SAWS pursues an ‘all-of-the-above’ approach to long-term water security that includes aquifer storage and recovery and regional water sourcing, a continued commitment to conservation must continue to play a central role.”

 The San Antonio City Council will consider a new rate design for San Antonio Water System (SAWS) customers this fall. The proposed rate design developed by SAWS staff, an appointed 17- member Rate Advisory Committee, and consulting firm Black and Veatch, acknowledges that conservation will be the linchpin of San Antonio’s long-term water security. The proposed rate design doubles the number of residential rate tiers to encourage less discretionary use.

“Maintaining once per week outdoor watering is a proven best water management practice,” said State Representative Lyle Larson, a longtime leader on state and local water issues. “SAWS is looked upon as a leader in water conservation throughout the nation. Implementing a year-round once weekly outdoor watering policy would be a perfect next step in the utility’s conservation strategy.”

Councilman Nirenberg’s memo was co-signed by Council members Gallagher, Lopez, Warrick, and Trevino.

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