Transportation Options Save Lives

The debate in San Antonio about the integration of transportation networking companies like Uber and Lyft into our market has been presented as a false dichotomy between ensuring public safety and embracing innovation.

A new study recently published by researchers at the Temple University Fox School of Business found a drop in drunk driving deaths in California after Uber entered the market. From the abstract:

Photo credit: KENS

Using a difference-in-difference approach to exploit a natural experiment, the entry of two Uber services into markets in California between 2009 and 2014, we find a significant drop in the rate of homicides after the introduction of Uber…These results underscore the coupling of increased availability with cost savings which are necessary to exploit the public welfare gains offered by the sharing economy.

San Antonio’s CBS affiliate KENS-5 ran a story on the study and quoted Councilman Nirenberg:

That’s the public safety issue in my mind is the lack of transportation options in San Antonio, people having to get behind the wheel of their car to get home,

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